Monday, November 18, 2019

H. pylori Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

H. pylori - Research Paper Example Its absence can lead affect the stomachs micro biota. The lack of H pylori mostly among kids has led to increased risk of asthma and allergies (Martin 7). Virulence factors are structures, chemicals, and metabolic functions that increase the chance an organism will cause disease. C A G (A) and V a C (A) are virulence factors of Helicobacter pylori. Explain how these two proteins mediate infection and disease. C A G (A) is a marker for strains that increase the chances of one contracting peptic ulcer disease. It symbolizes a human gastric gene. This strain contains a secretion system (type 4) that infuses D N A and proteins in the stomach. C A G (A) product S21 -S23) is in the epithelial cells in vivo and vitro form. Once inside the stream, C A G (A) associates with a tyrosine phosphate (SHP-2) that will affect the spreading of the epithelial cell. This injected C A G (A) interacts with Grb2, and it activates the ERK pathway. This leads to cell scattering and proliferation in the MDCK cells (Martin 6). V a C (A) causes vesiculation in the cell lines of the epithelial. It posses two signal region, S1 and S2, and two mid regions, M1 and M2. It affects the host by creating pores in the cell membranes leading to urea egress. It also facilitates the loosening of tight epithelial junctions allowing the crossing of nutrients through the mucosal barrier to the pylori gastric niche (Martin

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