Friday, November 8, 2019

Cylone Picture Book Essay

Cylone Picture Book Essay Cylone Picture Book Essay Isn't it crazy how life is one thing then in a second it becomes something else. Here I am, Sophie. A boring girl walking her dog in a small quite town. Then suddenly everything happens. At first I thought it was a little wind then I was blown off my feet and slammed against the pavement my dog pushed on-top of me. Then I realised it was a cyclone. The wind rung though my ears, like a loud high pitched scream. I could feel myself losing balance as the wind slammed though me. I picked up my dog and ran. I don't know what I was thinking when I ran. I just ran. The wind was stronger than ever and I could feel myself being dragged from the ground. I grabbed a tree and held on to it, but not for long after a second the tree uprooted and was flung across the road me going with it. I felt my eyes close as my head smashed against the floor. Jaxx? Where is Jaxx!? I shouted. Jaxx was my 3 month old Pomeranian husky and he was the best thing that ever happened to me. I could hear a loud cry it pierced though my ears. I scrambled towards it. Jaxx was trapped underneath a broken street lamp. I squeezed him out and hoisted him against me, the wind was so strong and debris was flying in every direction smashing against my skin. Then I saw something spectacular. Right in the middle of the cyclone there was an untouched spot, a safe spot. It was the eye of the cyclone. I started to run toward it my eyes aching from the wind. I charged through the cyclone inching towards the centre. In the eye everything was still and calm. I stood there in awe of the sight. I was standing untouched while the world around me

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