Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Research on Tenured Teachers in the School System Paper

On Tenured Teachers in the School System - Research Paper Example Yet another essential detail to be considered is delivered through the understanding of cost as a relative good. Teachers with good reputation and solid experience are often expensive, which can be regarded by school administration as a shortcoming. Tenure protects experienced teachers from being dismissed for this reason. On the other hand, this same issue of protection becomes the primary disadvantage of tenure when doubts of the teacher’s competence raise. Due to tenure, it might become a problem to fire such a teacher without primarily addressing a lot of bureaucratic issues at hand. Moreover, another disadvantage that should be addressed here is that undergoing the legislatively fixed procedure of firing a teacher is costly and thus a lot of institutions might ignore the necessity of dismissing a teacher based on this consideration alone. In order to avoid this problem, some institutions are prone to secrecy by providing a teacher to dismiss certain sum of money (Mathis, 2010). This allows the schools to avoid disclosure and the expensive, long and difficult process of firing a tenured teacher. There is a set of other pros and cons that should be considered when talking about teacher tenure. Among the pros, there is a notion that tenure is actually quite a useful and beneficial instrument when used correctly (McGuinn, 2010, p. 26). Tenure can create the environment that allows the teachers to improve as it creates healthy competition and motivates teachers without tenure to work harder to get it.

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